I am a web developer living and working in the greater Denver Metro area.

About Me

I'm a musician and father who fell in love with coding, starting with my band website. A full stack web developer, I'm intersted in all aspects of development. If I don't know it, I'm excited to learn it. Able to work with diverse teams and independently to create projects. Adaptable, curious and passionate about learning.

Technical Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS, Media Queries, Bootstrap, Materialize, Foundation
  • JavaScript, JQuery, Kotlin, PHP, Python, TypeScript
  • Django, Django Rest Framework, Express, React, React Native, Gatsby, Graphql, Vue, Angular
  • Postgresql, MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase, MS Access
  • Node, AJAX, APIs, JSON, REST
  • GIT, Github, command line, computer science fundamentals

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